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Originally Added to Website:  14 Sep 2009
Last updated:  14 Nov 2015 (link shows ALL updates):

24 Nov 2015 - updated BSOD-related Registry Entries to reflect the addition of the Active Memory Dump in W10/Server 2016
14 Nov 2015 - Windows Release Dates - Added W10 v1511/Fall Update

Work in progress page: NEW BSOD Index page (working)
BSOD Index
- v10.0.10240 (GA version) has bugcodes.h and bugcodes.txt
- 392 total Windows bugcodes (W10 bugcodes.txt)
- ~7 other bugcodes (non-Windows errors) - List at W10 BSOD Updates
- 70 new Windows bugcodes in W10 - List at W10 BSOD Updates
- 62 bugcodes removed in W10 - List at W10 BSOD Updates
- adding OS's for each bugcode (entire table)
This page is still under construction.

Driver Reference Table (DRT)

25 Oct 2015
- added 63 drivers for W10
- 5194 total drivers listed
- 94 drivers awaiting approval

Note: I miscalculated the number of drivers. The correct number in the table is written below. I apologize for the mistake.

Total Drivers Listed - 4262
Drivers Awaiting Approval - 71

Driver Comparison Table
- added 63 drivers for W10
- 226 drivers were removed in W10
- added listing of drivers to the bottom of the page.

winerror.h from the W10 SDK - winerror-10.html
ntstatus.h from the W10 SDK - ntstatus-10.html
bugcodes.h from the W10 SDK - bugcodes-10.html
bugcodes.txt from the W10 SDK - bugcodes-txt-10.html

Windows Release Dates
- added W10 and Server 2016 information

Driver Verifier
- to be updated, but there doesn't appear to be many changes between W8.1 and W10

21 Mar 2014
Added /8/8.1 to CHKDSK LogFile speech (canned.html)
Added 5 new BSOD articles in the BSOD Index
Added Usual Cause: memory to STOP 0x74

Temporary entry 20 Nov 2013 - I'm traveling tomorrow
Updated dvrcomp.html w/8.1 dvrs
Added 11 new 8.1 Windows drivers to DRT
Added WinDbg Help File text for STOP 0x15D and 0x15E
added link for disabling verifier outside of Windows on verifier.html page
added WinDbg Output Example for STOP 0x162

02 Oct 2013
Added 23 new BSOD's and other stuff to BSOD Index page  
Added NTStatus.h v8.1 and Bugcodes.h v8.1 - updated listing for these in BSOD Information page
Updated Milestones
Added statistical info to Bugcodes.h v7.0 and Bugcodes.h v8.0
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I am not a webmaster and am completely unskilled at HTML/PHP.
I thank the creators of KompoZer for their product - it made it possible for me to put all this stuff here.

This website is a work in progress.  It's pretty stable right now, but there will be changes periodically to ensure that it remains somewhat current.
This Website was first opened around 14 September 2009  (I had a heart attack on 19 September of 2009, so it's a bit fuzzy!)
Copyright registered 15 Oct 2009 

I have a Google  Analytics script on each page.  I only use it to see what sort of traffic I get and where it's coming from.
I'm not a professional webmaster, so  I couldn't do anything further with this stuff even if I wanted to (which I don't).

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