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Please provide the following information:

    - Please zip up the contents of the C:\Windows\Minidump directory
    - Upload it to the Public area of a SkyDrive account ( )
    - Post a link here so we can download it.


    - Go to Start and type in "msinfo32" and press Enter
    - When the utility opens, save a copy of it as an .nfo file, and another copy as a .txt file
    - Zip them up and upload them to the Public area of a SkyDrive account ( )
    - Post a link here so we can download it.

Use SkyDrive to upload collected files:

If all of the above doesn't fix things, then please run Driver Verifier according to these directions:

Stuff below the line is just FYI - I've already addressed issues on the lines above.


Do not try to run anything on the hard drive until you recover the data.  Any writing to the disk may destroy data.

Little damage - use a device to slave your hard drive to another system to copy the data over.  I use this device at work (about $30 US):

Moderate damage - use file/partition recovery software.  There is a lot of freeware out there to do this - but I find it too confusing to use.  I use GetDataBack from  It's free to see what it can recover, but it'll cost about $80 (US) to actually recover it.

Severe damage - contact a data recovery professional.  Very expensive, but worth it if you absolutely must have the data back!

Then run this bootable hard drive diagnostic procedure: (read the details at the link) - Test ALL of the hard drives.

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