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Originally Added to Website:  14 Sep 2009
Last updated:  06 Jul 2014
Vipre Security changed ownership - removed Sunbelt links and added Vipre (ThreatTrack) link

Anti-Malware Program Removal Tools:

Authentium ESP Security Suite (only up to Step 7):   No Longer Available
AVG Remover:
Avira:  Newer Link:
Bullguard Internet Security (at the bottom of the page):  
CA Antivirus:  (???  Windows Installer Cleanup Utility)
-- Log in as Guest:
Comodo (requires registration):;topic=17220.0;attach=17692
         - New Link:
F-secure:  or
GData AVCleaner 2012:  Direct download Link:
Lavasoft AdAware:
        - Otherwise use:  Button in program, Windows Control Panel...Programs...Uninstall a program, or use the Revo Uninstaller.
        - I wonder if the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility would help?  Free here:
Live One Care:
McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool (link found 30 Jun 2012: ):
       (Direct Download: )
             - McAfee Agent 4.0:
             - VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i:
             - Links to remove VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i to 8.8i:
MSSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) Manual removal instructions:
            Further instructions here:
Norman Security Suite:
Norton Removal Tool:
Outpost Firewall (also used as the Bullguard firewall):
PCTools (manual removal):
Sunbelt CounterSpy:
Sunbelt Vipre:
            - Direct download link - 32 bit:
            - Direct download link - 64 bit:
Trend Micro:
Vipre (ThreatTrack Security):
            - They also suggest this tool:
WebRoot: (direct download link)
                - Instructions at:
                - CleanWDF.exe (firewall removal tool) direct download
                - WRUpgradeTool.exe (upgrade/cleanup tool) direct download
ZoneAlarm (direct download link): (LINK DOESN'T WORK)!PAGETYPE?sq=cpes%5fclean&sf=101113&sg=1&st=551733&documentid=392324&action=view!PAGETYPE?sq=uninstall%2bzonealarm&sf=101113&sg=1&st=731456&documentid=345300&action=view!PAGETYPE?sc=7&sf=101133&documentid=344897&action=view|

Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software (ESET KB article dated 06 Dec 2011):
       (32nd post (about way down the page by Stephen Boots))

Another set of listings (dated June 27, 2012) - thanks to Corrine:
Another listing (dated June 27, 2012) - thanks to JMH:
Another listing (dated June 24, 2008):
Other listings:
Other uninstallers:
Acronis CleanUp Utility: