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This is a listing of the tools that I use at work. 
We have between 10 and 30 PC's at work at any given time. 
I've been using these things for 5 years now and these are what I use the most often: 

- in my chest pocket (these are the tools I use the most often - 99% of my work is done with them)
    Pocket Protector (to hold all this stuff!)
    handmade #1 and #2 phillips head screwdriver
    #0 and smalll flat tip screwdriver
    paperclips and air can tubes
    straight mosquito hemostats (for retrieving small screws dropped inside tight places)
    a pen - for writing notes
    Black Sharpie (for writing on CD/DVD's)
    Yellow highlighter - to draw attention to entries in the notes
    handmade Torx screw driver (for HP's)
    handmade nut driver (for bolt-like things that hold video plug stuff in, etc on systems)
    16 gB, bootable USB flash drive (I use Yumi to boot iso's on it) - contents varies
          - 600mB of System Files (drivers) on it should I need them (XP SP0 to Win7 SP1 64 bit)
          - iso's of System Repair disks (XP to Win7 64 bit)
          - bootable ISO's of SeaTools, Hitachi Drive Fitness Test, MemTest86+, and other tools that I find handy

    Glasses (magnifying) plus clip on magnifiers
    I have a pair with built in lights (Foster Grants) - but my wife thinks that I'm pushing the "dork" envelope a bit too much when I wear them! :0)

    I would like to also carry (but don't):
    - Post it notes (but work won't buy them and neither will I) - handy for leaving notes for customers
    - a flashlight - but just don't have enough room in the pocket protector

- on my belt (not used very often, but the knife comes in very handy at times)
    Leatherman Super Tool (sing Mighty Mouse song when you use it:  mightmo.wav )
    Diamond sharpener stick
    Large folding knife

- in my pants pocket
    a small Altoids tin with laptop screws (we have desktop screws on the bench, so I rarely carry them)
- on the bench
    Flashlight (wish I could carry one in my pocket - but just don't have enough room)
    Screws (we have 2 large magnetic dishes to hold them)
    Large screwdrivers (Flat and Phillips)
    Wire cutters (large and small)
    Canned air
    blank CD's and DVD's
    Work PC w/lot's of USB ports
    Backup PC for performing backups
    Screen cleaning solution and rags for it
    USB floppy drive (for BIOS flash and F6 boot on XP)
    USB CD/DVD drives
    USB slave kit for IDE and SATA drives
    little poop cups (stool specimen containers from my wife's veterinary hospital) - to keep screws in when disassembling a system)
    assorted cables (printer, iPod/iPad, all USB sizes, Firewire, etc)
    spare parts (video, audio, LAN, PSU, etc)
    LAN cable extenders
    portable speaker (to test audio)
    Hammer - steel
    Hammer - rubber
    demagnetizer/hard drive eraser
    spare USB and PS2 keyboards and mice

- in my locker (because the stuff on the bench tends to get broken during use - so I want my own that I can rely on)
    Coffee :0)
    ext HDD
    PSU tester
    spare parts

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