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Last updated: 10 Jan 2018

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Great thanks to blueelvis for automating the counting of drivers. It's going to keep me from making counting errors! :0)

Great thanks to J. C. Griffith, Microsoft MVP (jcgriff2) , mgorman87 , Elmer BeFuddled , Geoff Maggi (Laxer) , Will Watts (Will Watts) , mkey86 , writhziden , zigzag3143 (Microsoft MVP) , JaidynM , and blueelvis for their invaluable contributions to this table!

25 Oct 2015
- added 63 drivers for W10
- 5194 total drivers listed
- 94 drivers awaiting approval

Note: I miscalculated the number of drivers. The correct number in the table is written below. I apologize for the mistake.

Total Drivers Listed - 4544
Drivers Awaiting Approval - 23
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